Women’s Museums: For a culture of equality

The 5th International Conference of Women’s Museums takes place in Mexico City, November 28 – 30, 2016.

(firmenpresse) - The IAWM Conference is focused on the importance of Women’s Museums around the world, in the spread of equality culture.

For the Antalya Women Museum it will be the first time to attend an IAWM conference.
The AWM, Turkey’s second virtual women museum. was established on the 23rd November 2015 under the guidance of the Antalya Promotion Foundation, a non-profit organization with the aim to develop tourism on solid foundations and to increase social and economic benefits. 

Established initially in a virtual setting, the intention is maintaining it not only as a visual area, but also as a dynamic educational and socio-cultural activity centre. For the future we are striving a museum in a central location of the city.
The Antalya Women Museum features the stories of urban and rural women in Antalya. With these portraits we intend to focus attention on exemplary women of our city, each of them having her different story of success. The diversity ensures that many different role models from different social backgrounds are represented.

The Antalya Women Museum also organizes virtual and real exhibitions. The online exhibition “Millennia Old Goddesses of Antalya” features on the importance and influence of women in our region in mythology and history. The photos in the online exhibition of our advisory board member Melike Gül reflect the colourful and hard rural life and the rural women.

The exhibition “Nomad Bride”, which was shown in various venues of the Antalya region and also at Turkey’s first horticultural exhibition, EXPO 2016 Antalya, includes 40 photographs besides the “The Blessing of the Bridal Veil” installation. This exhibition about Turkmen Nomad women is of great importance for the Turkish culture and the installation is meant to show how a nomadic bride could be described for our time. 
Further exhibitions and activities are planned, also in cooperation with other women museums.

As the first institution in Antalya, the Antalya Women Museum has established a prize to honour the successful women of our city. The prize is named “Jale İnan Award” after Turkey’s first female archaeologist.

Jale Inan was born on February 1st in 1914 and studied in Berlin and Munich because at that time in Turkey it was still not possible to study archaeology. In 1947 she became an assistant to Arif Müfid Mansel, the first Ordinary Professor for Classical Archaeology in Turkey.
Professor Dr. Jale İnan’s work can be seen in Perge and Side; two ancient cities that have become internationally renowned. Jale İnan started excavations in Side and Perge 60 years ago. Today Antalya benefits from her accomplishments. Many artefacts at the Antalya Archaeological Museum are owed the researches and excavations of this extraordinary woman. The sculpture of Plancia Magna, one of the most successful and influential women of her time and of her city, Perge, was excavated by Jale İnan. 

The “Jale İnan Award” is presented every year on the 1st of February, Jale Inan's birthday.

Women’s Museums: For a culture of equality