Women’s museum in Antalya set to rise

The Antalya Women’s Museum is set to become Turkey’s third women’s museum following ones in Istanbul and İzmir, having already launched a virtual museum online.

“This is a social platform, where everyone can join and make an impact on each other. The Women’s Museum is a virtual one and this is a trend in the world. Everyone can visit this museum from their own place all around the world from Japan to the United States,” said Professor Nevzat Çelik, the head of the Akdeniz University Museum Department.  

The museum features the stories of women from all classes of society and hosts visual exhibitions, talks and shopping while also relating the beauty of the Yörük and Mediterranean cultures, according to Antalya Promotion Foundation Chairman Nizamettin Şen. 

“The museum displays local clothes, foods, handicrafts and many other things. Particularly, interviews with renowned women in society can be read on the museum’s website,” Çelik said.

The visual museum aims to contribute to Antalya tourism with various festivals and exhibition tours for tourists. 

The museum, which was established last November by the Antalya Promotion Foundation and backed by nongovernmental organizations, can be reached through www.antalyakadinmuzesi.org.
Women’s museum in Antalya set to rise