The “Woman of the Year Award” in Antalya was given to Hülya Bilgin

The Jale İnan 2015 Woman of the Year Award of the Virtual Antalya Women's Museum, established under the direction of the Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV), was given to Hülya Bilgin.

The Woman of the Year Award was presented during the ceremony held at the Bülent Ecevit Cultural Centre in Antalya. Hülya Bilgin, a businesswoman who is involved with many NGOs in Antalya and sits on the board of many institutions, was named as woman of the year by a panel composed of the Antalya Women Museum Advisory Board.

The life story of Jale İnan was portrayed at the award ceremony, which bears the name of Turkey's first female archaeologist. Jale Inan, who died in 2001, was commemorated on her 102nd birthday.
Jale İnan brought the ancient cities of Perge and Side to light with periodic excavations that lasted for many years. She led the effort to establish the museums in Antalya and Side for the exhibition of artefacts.

Jale İnan’s son Hüseyin İnan and her student Neşe Atik shared the life story of Turkey's first female archaeologist and her contributions to Antalya and Turkey.

“İnan demonstrates what Turkish women can achieve…”

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Governor of Antalya Muammer Türker stated that the contributions of Turkey’s first female archaeologist to Turkish tourism and archaeology cannot be emphasised enough. Governor Türker also discussed the conferment of İnan’s name to the Woman of the Year Award: “It’s the right choice in terms of showing what Turkish women are able to achieve.” 

ATAV Chairperson Nizamettin Şen told the audience that the Antalya Women Museum has been active for two months and spoke of his happiness in realising their second event.

After the speeches, Governor Türker presented Jale İnan’s son Hüseyin İnan and Neşe Atik with commemorative certificates, while Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes presented the “Woman of the Year Award” to Hülya Bilgin.”
The “Woman of the Year Award” in Antalya was given to Hülya Bilgin