The Jale İnan Award Ceremony was held with the participation of the Hakkari Women´s Football Team

The Antalya Women Museum, established under the guidance of the Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV), organised the first “Woman of the Year” award, which was given to businesswoman Hülya Bilgin during the ceremony held at the Bülent Ecevit Cultural Centre. 

Alongside Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel and ATAV Vice Chairperson Yeliz Gül Ege, the Hakkari Women's Football Team was also present at the ceremony. The Governor of Antalya Muammer Türker stated that he was happy to see the Hakkari Women's Football Team at the ceremony, which had originally come to Antalya for the midseason training camp.

Governor Türker said: “This is a good example of what Turkish women are capable of as individuals and in general, making it even more meaningful coming from a place like Hakkari where conditions aren’t easy and where financial means are limited.”

IC Hotel is hosting the Hakkari women's football team free of charge for a period of one week.

ATAV Chairman Nizamettin Şen told the audience that the Antalya Women Museum was the 12th virtual women’s museum in the world and the second in Turkey. He expressed that the museum was initiated to elevate women’s place in society and to present female role models to the public.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik said: “We were raised by women. Our life partners are women. We are surrounded by women and they shape our future. We set out to contribute to this story.” Çevik later added:

“Actually no one is aware of it, but we also make every effort for ourselves. We needed a female icon and our award had to draw its name from a woman. Prof. Dr. Jale İnan’s name immediately came to mind when we thought of women associated with Antalya. Since we don’t have a measure of who is a more valuable candidate, we had to decide of a worthy contender. Who did their utmost for Antalya, the city and its people? Who worked hardest to invest in the future of the city? These were our criteria. Taking into consideration that nature and history are the main selling points in Antalya, the capital of tourism and culture. Then culture was to be our differentiating factor. The results can be seen in Perge and Side; two ancient cities that have become internationally renowned. Jale İnan started out from Side and Perge 60 years ago. Today Antalya is honoured by her accomplishments. That’s why we named the award after Jale İnan.”
The Jale İnan Award Ceremony was held with the participation of the Hakkari Women´s Football Team